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FORZA Maahockeyn Harjoitusmerkkikartiot [10 väriä]

FORZA maahockeyn harjoittelukartiot ovat saatavilla 50kpl tai 1000kpl pakkauksissa. Valmistettu säänkestävästä muovista. Sisältää kevyen kartiotelineen. Yhdeksän eri väriä saatavilla. Erinomainen kuljetusharjoituksiin ja ketteryyskursseille.

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FORZA Maahockeyn harjoitusmerkkikartioiden Tekniset Tiedot


  • Leveys: 18,5cm
  • Korkeus: 5cm
  • Reiän halkaisija: 5cm


  • Kartiot: Säänkestävä muovi


  • Myydään 50 tai 1000 kappaleen pakkauksissa
  • Muovinen kartioteline sisältyy pakettiin
  • Saatavilla olevat värit: Oranssi-keltainen, monivärinen, sähkönsininen, taivaansininen, musta, punainen, oranssi, valkoinen tai pinkki
FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones Available In Packs Of 50 Or Jumbo Packs Of 1000

Create eye-catching dribbling drills with these vibrant FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones. Available in five bold colours (Multi-coloured, orange, white, pink, or orange and yellow), you can rely on these plastic cones to stand out on both synthetic and grass hockey pitches. This vibrant colouring allows you to host low-light hockey training sessions, guaranteeing you can perform a range of hockey-based skill drills with these hard-wearing marker cones during the winter months.

  • The FORZA Hockey Training Marker cones are available in packs of 50 or 1000
  • Made using heavy-duty weatherproof plastic
  • Cones have a diameter of 20.5cm and stand a height of 5cm
  • Plastic cone stand included for easy storage and transportation
  • Colours available: Orange and white, multi-coloured, orange, pink or white

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these hockey space cones are manufactured from weatherproof plastic. This heavy-duty composition guarantees your FORZA Hockey Training Marker cones can be used throughout all weather conditions without the risk of corrosion forming or a loss in performance. 

A lightweight carry stand is also supplied with your hockey marker cones. Designed to neatly store a large number of cones in one place, the additional stand can also help you transport your plastic cones to and from the hockey field, ensuring this usually arduous task is made significantly easier. 

Net World Sports also stocks the FORZA Training Cone Collector Pick Up Tool (Cone Champ), a device which specifically designed to quickly collect a large number of FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones.


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